Objective of the Practice:

That no student would discontinue studies because of non-affordability and financial constraints.

Need Addressed and the context:

Most of the students are from families with very poor economic background where the education of a girl child is always the first thing to be discounted. The parents being uneducated, do not see the importance of investing in women's education. They are willing to perform their daughters' marriages and stop their education mid stream or pull them out of the college and send them as daily labour to support the family income. So, with increased cost of education there are a large number of students who find it difficult to continue their studies because of financial constraints. Though several schemes like scholarships of different kinds, loan facilities from banks and awards for bright students are available, they do not cover all the needy. The institution has made it a policy to help all the needy and ensure that no student is denied access to higher education because of financial difficulties.

The Practice:

The mentoring system gives scope for the teachers to identify students who are enjoying scholarships and those who are not, the extent to which the scholarships received meet the students' needs for a comfortable academic experience, etc. Parents are counseled not to pull out their children from the institution for economic reasons. Student representatives from each class assist the faculty in identifying the needy that are often too shy to come out. Donations from all the staff members are pooled in the 'Poor students' fund'. Contributions from Alumni, locals, retired staff are also accepted for this cause. Uniforms, text books, are also provided from this fund.

Evidence of success:

Dropout rate for financial reasons has been wiped out.


Funds raised from voluntary contributions of staff member.

ADARANA is an Institutional best practice towards Student Support that gives Financial Support.

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