Eco Sustainable Learning Programme

Some of the practicals for I, II & III B.Sc., were recorded in CDS while demonstration and the CDs are available to the students who were absent. The concept of this programme is to avoid waste of chemicals and reducing pollution to the environment.

Value Orientation:

Ethical, global, environmental, cultural /traditional values form an integral part of the educational programmes. Celebration of national festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, Independence Day, Republic Day, days commemorating national heroes like Mahatma Gandhi, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, participation in multicultural activities, study tours, surveys, additional inputs in language curriculum, social interaction, linkages with NGOs by the sciences, Arts, Social Sciences departments foster values like Sharing, integrity, empathy, self discipline, Time management, Team work, Disaster management, open mindedness, tolerance , uprightness.


The institution is conscious that Education is not only for knowledge acquisition but also for empowerment through equal opportunities for Employment,thereby participating in the national development as equal partners. With the advancement of modern technology and market economy the need for mobilizing anenlightened work-force has become a prime objective. To fulfill this goal, college has initiated many activities with the support of CCE like training students through JKCs , starting addon/certificate need based courses, training the students for entry into services, career counseling, etc.
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