Grievances Redressal Cell is established in 2003 to provide an opportunity to the students to bring their grievances to the notice of the higher authorities in order to create a congenial atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

  • Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted with the members of the Student Union.
  • A Grievance Reporting Box is kept at the disposal of the students in which students can drop the grievances if any, even anonymously.
  • Students’ grievances regarding academic issues, infrastructure, facilities, security, interpersonal behaviour, loss of personal items are among the grievances addressed when ever they arise.
  • Mostly the grievances regarding the loss of personal items like ID cards, Cycle keys, Bank Pass books, jewellery are announced immediately on the PAS from the Principal’s room. They are returned to the owner after proper verification.
  • Any grievances regarding evaluation are attributed to the concerned faculty and are clarified or solved.
  • Complaints regarding facilities are represented by the class representatives in meetings and are submitted to the principal for necessary action.
  • Grievances related to the hostel functioning are addressed to the Hostel Committee and are taken care of through necessary planning and negotiations.

a)Personality Issues:

  • Being a Women’s college there is no need of a special cell for prevention/action against sexual harassment of women students. The Student Union, the Grievance redressal cell attend to any such problems if they arise.
  • The Hostel committee takes care to check any misbehavior from out side elements.
  • Special awareness drive on Eve teasing and a seminar on negative impact of films    is arranged to enlighten the students.
  • After 2012 college entered MOU with local psychologists for counseling on personality. They address the students from time to time on adolescent behaviour and health care. 
  • A guidance and counseling cell has been constituted to enlighten the students.
  • The following counseling services are offered by this cell:

Pre admission service, orientation service, Information Service, Counseling   Service, Placement Service, Remedial Service, Evaluation Service, Admission Service, Research Service, Personal Adjustments etc.

b).Economic Issues:
The College has developed and nurtured a ‘Best Practice’ in the name and style of ‘Aadarana”, which addresses the issues related to financial inability of students to buy Books and Uniform, Pay Fees and such inadequacies. Members of Staff both Teaching and Non-Teaching, join hands to support such deserving students silently and discreetly.

c). Academic Issues:

  • Teachers give the transcripts to the students and explain how they can improve. If there are any grievances as in totalling or oversight in valuing certain answers, students feel free to approach the lecturers and get them corrected.
  • Internal Evaluation: As the mode of evaluation is explained from the beginning of the year, and as students know the type of answers expected for each question,, the process is transparent with minimum scope for grievances.
  • In case of a tough competition and decision making for award of endowment prizes, proficiency prizes, all rounder prizes etc, extra care is taken to maintain equity & transparence . The names of the winners are displayed a week in advance on the notice board and students are welcome to check their ranks and contest the decision if they feel so.
  • The Departmental incharges and subject experts clarify the doubts and solve the problems.

Grievances regarding University evaluation:

  • University has introduced online examinations and is implementing many reforms in the process of evaluation by introducing bar-coding.
  • Any grievances of the students regarding unexpected variations in the syllabus for   setting the final examination, inclusion of topics  that are not in the prescribed syllabus, variation in allotment of marks for the questions as against the informed marks and evaluation procedure are immediately noted by the faculty.
  • A copy of the students’ letter of representation along with the concerned subject teacher’s recommendations is sent to the university authorities through the principal for necessary action and justice. It is followed up till justice is delivered.
  • In case of under valuation, or wrong posting and other problems in the university marks lists, the college takes the responsibility of addressing the issues.
  • Any problems, both for the students of this college and for those students from other institutes who take their examination from this centre, any variations in the noting of attendance, or difference between the statement submitted by the college and the posting in the university , is corrected immediately to satisfy  the students’ educational needs.
  • The office maintains a record of the charges lodged and the action taken.

d). Administrative Issues:

  • Every administrative issue is resolved in less than 24 hours with the help of Faculty and Admin staff.
  • Issues like Space, Parking, Toilets, Drinking Water and other facilities also are taken up.
  • Provision of protected water to all the students is given utmost priority.
  • Prohibiting the display of insulting and abusive posters on the college compound wall is strictly observed



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