Human Values and Professional Ethics
A Foundation Course in HVPE

The Department of Collegiate Education has introduced 'A Foundation course in Human Values and Professional Ethics 'during the academic year 2013-14to sensitize the students on Values of Life and preparing them for life. As a part of this programme, P.Parvathi, Lecturer in English has been given training in the 5- day Master Trainers' training Programme which was held during 20-24 May 2013 at IIIT, Hyderabad. She has also participated in the 8-Day Master Trainers' Training Programme held during 22-29 June 2013 at IIIT, Hyderabad.

We have conducted 3 work-shops for Government, Aided and Un-aided degree college lecturers on 'A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics' from 8-7-2013 to 11-7-2013, 15-7-2013 to 18-7-2013 and 22-7-2013 to 24-7-2013. We have participated in the video conferences held on 12-7-2013, 18-7-2013 and 25-7-2013 for doubts clarification of the lecturers who trained in the workshops. One Hundred lecturers from Government, Aided and Un-aided colleges in Guntur district have been trained in these training workshops. We have introduced this course in our syllabus and gave training to Iyear, II year and III year degree students during the academic year 2013-14. We have conducted examination only for I year degree students. We have sent five lecturers for the training programme conducted by Acharya Nagarjuna University during 24-7-2014 to 28-7-2014 in TJPS College, Guntur. P. Parvathi, lecturer in English from our college has been one of the resource person in that programme. She has been participated in the Master Trainers'Traininging Programme held from 7-7-2014 to11-7-2014 by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education at Mana TV< SAPNET, Hyderabad. She has been participated as a resource person in the 7-Day Master Trainers' Training Programme held by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education on 18-7-2014 at Hyderabad Central University.

About this Course:
  • This course is Holistic and not fragmented i.e., covers the entire expanse of human living from self to society, nature and existence and covers all dimensions of human life: happiness, prosperity, desire, thought, expectation, behavior, work and realization.
  • This course discusses the human being or the Self does not just focus on external realities. This proves to be self empowering since each individual is able to make decisions and finds out what is valuable to them in their own right and what is superficial.
  • This course is closely associated to life and living and establishes relevance in a person's life and one can see the results of the understanding in human living in the form of behavior with people and work with nature.
  • The methodology used in this course facilitates understanding and emphasize on understanding in one's own right by focusing on reality and its experimental verification.
  • The style of presentation of this course is adopted to facilitate self-exploration of the students on the key proposals and understanding about one self and the rest of reality.
  • This course is intended to develop a sense of self investigation of the realization of the inherent co-existence, harmony and self-regulation at various levels in existence.
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