Remedial Coaching

Objective of the Practice To help students cope with the demands of course work

Need Addressed and the Context : Tutorial classes and Remedial teaching is to support the below average and average learners cope with the demands of the course and compete with confidence. In English, all the students need to acquire language skills in order to speak and write English correctly and with confidence. This is a bottle neck to many students who come from rural areas and backward districts. Similarly, the advanced curriculum in the core subjects needs to be comprehended thoroughly if the students must acquire not just a degree but knowledge that enables them to pursue further studies.

The Practice : Students are streamed according to abilities by means of a diagnostic test given soon after admission. The faculties set a special time table, the students are informed well in advance and they are motivated to improve their learning skills. Peer teaching is also adopted to help slow learners. Some of these arrangements are internalized in the curriculum.

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